Rate Increases Across the Board

What does mean for an eBay Seller? It's time again to adjust your listing shipping costs. If you offer free shipping you want to be sure to adjust your price to cover the new shipping rates that go into effect on January 17.

eBay has negotiated a discount for all sellers. If you are not a Top Rated Seller (TRS) you will see Commercial Base Pricing when you print your labels through eBay. If you are a Top Rated Seller you will see Commercial Plus Pricing when you print your label. One more reason it's so important to strive to remain a TRS.

First Class Packages will all be the same rates - Commercial Plus has been moved to Commercial Base and everyone will get the same pricing. There are actually some welcome changes the first class package rates. Yes, they are in general going up, but first class will be available for packages up to 15.99 ounces for everyone. That along is a nice savings for seller and buyer.

First Class Package Rates






1 ounce $2.04 $2.60 +$0.56
2 ounces $2.04 $2.60 +$0.56
3 ounces $2.04 $2.60 +$0.56
4 ounces $2.13 $2.60 +$0.47
5 ounces $2.22 $2.60 +$0.38
6 ounces $2.35 $2.60 +$0.25
7 ounces $2.53 $2.60 +$0.07
8 ounces $2.71 $2.60 -$0.11
9 ounces $2.89 $3.30 +$0.41
10 ounces $3.07 $3.35 +$0.28
11 ounces $3.25 $3.40 +$0.15
12 ounces $3.44 $3.45 +$0.01
13 ounces $3.63 $3.50 -$0.13
14 ounces $3.55
15 ounces $3.60
16 ounces $3.65

A Picture Says 1,000 Words!

I've shared this infographic from Endicia with a comparison of USPS new rates versus FedEx versus UPS. Those rates went up as well. You'll see that USPS is still a great bargain, all things considered and especially for those light weight items. If there is a positive take-away, it's that all sellers are affected equally on every platform.