Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

I'm combining a couple of Twitter tips today as these first few tips all really tie together the who and what of Twitter.

Are you a faceless egghead? People want to "see" who they are following. They are much more likely to pass you by if all they see is a faceless egghead. If you're not comfortable uploading a picture of yourself, that's fine instead you can upload your eBay or other selling platform logo. The logo will let people know that there is someone there. Personally if I don't recognize a name and see an egghead, I pass on by. I do want to know who I am following and who is following me.

Next you want to make good use of your bio description. It's a great idea to say a little bit about YOU and your business. Include a link to your eBay store or your Etsy Store. You want people to be able to check out your sales platforms, your feedback, and most of all you want them looking at your items.

Last for today is always remember to be social. Don't be selfish and make it all about you and your business. Share the love across the site with retweets of your followers. Favorite a post or three. Thank the tweeps who retweet your posts. Common courtesy prevails! In return you will find that your followers will retweet your posts more often, favorite your posts more often, and communicate via a Thank You!

I'll tweet you later with another Twitter Tip to help you help your business.