Social Media and eBay.

Social Media and eBay.

How are you using Social Media for your eBay Business?

Are you just starting out on social media or are you a long time user of social media? No matter what the answer like everything else ecommerce related, social media has changed and continues to change on a regular basis. With the fourth quarter fast approaching it's really time to make sure your marketing campaigns are set up and in order. Scheduling your posts can save you countless hours of time that you will surely need as sales increase in preparation for Back to School, Halloween, and the entire Holiday Season. Having a presence on Facebook is a definite necessity in today's social world. You don't want to run all of your family and friends off of your personal profile, so having a Business Page makes the most sense. If you don't have one, they are pretty simple to set up and there are many tutorials on YouTube walking you through the process.

Videos are empowering and are actually becoming the highest clicked posts on Facebook. Sharing videos that you create or that are related to your business will be more follower engagement than a simple picture. It's easy to share posts to your business page and you can even schedule the posts depending on what social management software you use. Personally Hootsuite is my go-to software, but I also use Buffer (free) to schedule listings. Even though it's a business page, I sure don't want to drive followers away with too many posts a day, so instead with these programs I can spread them out as far as I want. I can also upload my own posts that I choose to share and schedule posts for a month or more at time.

This is going to cut down on the time I actually spend on social media during the "busy season", not just busy with my business, but busy with personal commitments, family, and friends.

Hopefully you already have a business presence on Facebook, but if you don't now is the best time ever to get started. If you do have one already, this is a great time to schedule some content ahead of time, engage with your followers, and bring more followers in time for the fourth quarter!

Watch for an upcoming post on Pinterest next.