Let’s Talk About Branding!

Let’s Talk About Branding!

If you've sold on eBay, Etsy, your own webstore, or pretty much any other site for that matter, you've heard about branding and how important it is for your business' well-being and growth.

If you're just starting out this is something you want to give some serious thought to before opening your eBay store or other site. You want the ability to build your business with a brand that is uniquely you. Think about the name of your store, does it portray what you sell? Now I can tell you this from experience this does matter. Take it from one who has a very generic name without any thought initially to anything further than I liked the name. It was my dog's name at the time and I thought it was catchy...and it is that. It's also misspelled a lot, too many S's and it says nothing about what I sell, but gives the impression that you're going to save. So I can live with it. At the time I opened my eBay store I also bought the domain name and a few other domain names that are common misspellings for Sassy's Savings.

You'll want to check before finalizing your name to see if the domain name is available for your chosen name. Is the same name available across the social media platforms? Why? You want people to recognize your branding, your name, your business identity no matter where they see you. This will carry over to print items as well such as business cards and flyers.

Even if you have no intentions of starting a website by the same name, you want to secure the domain name now while it's still available. You can redirect it directly to your eBay store making it easier for shoppers to remember your store name. It is definitely easier to remember www dot your store name dot com than it is to remember eBay stores slash eBay dot com slash your store name. It looks more professional too!

Social media is an integral part of any business online as well as off. You want followers to engage with, engagement builds trust, trust builds customers. You want your followers to recognize your avatar / logo on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. They want the security that when they click on a link that you post on social media, they want to know that it is the same "person", business behind that logo no matter where you send them.

So before you jump in, think first...remember this a successful business you are building...You own!

By the same token you want to think about your store logo. What colors, what do you want it to say? The options are endless and we'll talk about some of these in another post.