Now that we are into the fourth quarter and gearing up for Holiday sales it's more important than ever to be make sure your have a list, a plan, and a schedule that works. Hopefully by now you have:

  • Checked and double checked your inventory.
  • Stocked up with new inventory.
  • Have taken stock of your shipping supplies and ordered as necessary. There's nothing worse than needing three Flat Rate Padded Envelopes only to discover you only have 2 left. In case you don't know, if you call your order in, you can order these by the box of 100. Can you tell these are most used shipping container? As we get closer to the Holidays the shipping time extends for supply delivery, so be sure to do this early.
  • Don't forget the tissue paper, bubble wrap, the peanuts, and of course labels.
  • Are you stocked up on business cards or postcards? Now is the time.
  • Is your inventory organized? You will save countless hours if you have everything organized. Grab it, pack it, and ship it. Have you ever spent excess time looking for something that sold? How many listings could you have finished in that time?
  • Do you have a schedule that you adhere to, as closely as possible? When you plan your day such as shipping time, listing time, social marketing, etc. you can save a lot of time, possibly hours a day. Of course in this business and especially when you work for yourself and at home, life happens along the way. Those unexpected visitors, phone calls, sick kids, or sick parents. Having a system of organization, including your time will keep things running smoothly even when life happens.
  • Is your eBay store organized? Are you getting the traffic as expected. Key areas to look at are your header/banner. Do you have a Holiday banner? Does your description mention Holiday items? Is it filled with keywords written in a friendly, welcoming, and professional way?

Take a look at this video below that Kathy Terrill presented last week. In it she covers all of the key areas that you need to not only pay attention to, but if you're like most of us, make some changes to in order to welcome your buyers and be found in searches to bring more traffic.