Listing On eBayNow you're going to get ready to do a listing. There is a pretty basic list of items you'll want to have on hand when you get ready to do your listings. If you get in the habit of doing each listing the same, you won't forget something along the way. Obviously you have an item or a group of items you're going to list for sale on eBay. You want to take some pictures of your item. You can use up to 12 pictures in each listing and the more you have the better your listing will be.

It's always best to take photos in natural lighting on a clear, preferably white background or black for light items. You can get poster board that works perfectly at the Dollar Store. You want as many photos of your item as you can get...closeups, any flaws or defects, front, back, and side. Remember you can have up to 12 photos for each listings.
Measure your items. If it's clothing, say a pair of jeans, you'll want to include the waist, inseam, for women's jeans include the rise, and often I personally include the leg opening. By including these in your listing you will save yourself time in answering countless emails requesting measurements. It is best to include these measurements in the both the Item Specifics and in the item description.
Don't leave out item specifics, these make a difference in your item being found and are essential for mobile buyers. If you don't know or don't have the required information, do not remove or leave blank. You can use Unknown or N/A.
You want to weigh your item on your postage scale before you list. Again, this saves time when it sells as the correct shipping information is in your listing and you can print the label, pack, and ship. You only get one chance to make a good first impression...the more professional your items look the better the reflection on your business. We'll dive further into this in future posts.