John Lawson 5 Marketing StrategiesOne of the top experts in online commerce, that I listen to and learn from is John Lawson. John just came back from a month long tour of e-commerce events in Jamaica, Miami, Sydney and Melbourne Australia.

John said that from these travels he was able to speak and strategize with some of the smartest e-commerce marketers in the game.

Now he has some "jewels" that he want to share with those interested in driving more sales, more engagement and making MORE MONEY.

The only way to get in is to jump on a LIVE training session tonight at 7:00 pm est. BUT do not worry if you can not make it live cause John will make the replay available unlimited for all who attend.

Tonight, come and get the awesome strategies that are working today for ecommerce digital marketing. E-commerce sellers are 100% killing it with new media opportunities and marketing strategies.

Join me Wednesday night and learn the strategies that are working RIGHT NOW. Learn how using these tactics will blow the roof off of your online sales.

Don't forget to sign up can always access it later if you are busy at that time.