Shopping NYC The Right Way!

Shopping NYC The Right Way!

As todaNYC Fitness, Family, and Findsy is Black Friday I thought it would be a great day to feature a very dear friend, eBay seller, and leader extraordinaire! I'm talking about Kathy Terrill of course Owner and Operator of NYC Fitness, Family, and Finds on eBay featuring the best selection of items chosen just for your from the shopping mecca that is New York City. From Fashion and Accessories toChristmas Sweater NYC Fitness, Family, and Finds Mugs from NYC and everything in between. Promotions are running this weekend so it's a great time to pick up those gifts for those hard to buy for people on your list (or even for yourself).

Kathy is not only an eBay seller, but has also been a featured speaker at various eBay events, John Lawson's Boot Camp, and her latest presentation was at eCom Chicago! She's a whirlwind of knowledge and energy and eagerly shares this knowledge with everyone!

In addition to the public speaking events, Kathy shares on a daily basis in her Facebook Groups where everyone is an equal and everyone has something to give back to the group, hard working groups that I am proud to be a part of and share the administrative responsibilities with 8 others.  snbsIf you're looking for a place to learn and grow your eBay business, check out eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores on Facebook. This group is only for eBay Store Sellers! The beginner or basic group is eBay Selling Basics Nothing But Basics. If you're just starting out on eBay or even if you have been selling a while but haven't jumped into a store, this is the group for you!  Both of these groups are drama free and hard-working groups for those who are ready to not only grow, but to share knowledge.

Her latest addition to the multitude of ways to help grow your eBay business is a class that Kathy did "Secret Sauce for eBay SalesSecret Sauce For eBay Sales

So sometime this weekend make sure your check out Kathy's store. You'll be happy you did!

Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

I'm combining a couple of Twitter tips today as these first few tips all really tie together the who and what of Twitter.

Are you a faceless egghead? People want to "see" who they are following. They are much more likely to pass you by if all they see is a faceless egghead. If you're not comfortable uploading a picture of yourself, that's fine instead you can upload your eBay or other selling platform logo. The logo will let people know that there is someone there. Personally if I don't recognize a name and see an egghead, I pass on by. I do want to know who I am following and who is following me.

Next you want to make good use of your bio description. It's a great idea to say a little bit about YOU and your business. Include a link to your eBay store or your Etsy Store. You want people to be able to check out your sales platforms, your feedback, and most of all you want them looking at your items.

Last for today is always remember to be social. Don't be selfish and make it all about you and your business. Share the love across the site with retweets of your followers. Favorite a post or three. Thank the tweeps who retweet your posts. Common courtesy prevails! In return you will find that your followers will retweet your posts more often, favorite your posts more often, and communicate via a Thank You!

I'll tweet you later with another Twitter Tip to help you help your business.

Social Media and eBay.

Social Media and eBay.

How are you using Social Media for your eBay Business?

Are you just starting out on social media or are you a long time user of social media? No matter what the answer like everything else ecommerce related, social media has changed and continues to change on a regular basis. With the fourth quarter fast approaching it's really time to make sure your marketing campaigns are set up and in order. Scheduling your posts can save you countless hours of time that you will surely need as sales increase in preparation for Back to School, Halloween, and the entire Holiday Season. Having a presence on Facebook is a definite necessity in today's social world. You don't want to run all of your family and friends off of your personal profile, so having a Business Page makes the most sense. If you don't have one, they are pretty simple to set up and there are many tutorials on YouTube walking you through the process.

Videos are empowering and are actually becoming the highest clicked posts on Facebook. Sharing videos that you create or that are related to your business will be more follower engagement than a simple picture. It's easy to share posts to your business page and you can even schedule the posts depending on what social management software you use. Personally Hootsuite is my go-to software, but I also use Buffer (free) to schedule listings. Even though it's a business page, I sure don't want to drive followers away with too many posts a day, so instead with these programs I can spread them out as far as I want. I can also upload my own posts that I choose to share and schedule posts for a month or more at time.

This is going to cut down on the time I actually spend on social media during the "busy season", not just busy with my business, but busy with personal commitments, family, and friends.

Hopefully you already have a business presence on Facebook, but if you don't now is the best time ever to get started. If you do have one already, this is a great time to schedule some content ahead of time, engage with your followers, and bring more followers in time for the fourth quarter!

Watch for an upcoming post on Pinterest next.

Why Having a Blog Makes Sense

Why Having a Blog Makes Sense

Are you on the fence about starting a blog? Not sure that you really need a blog? Or maybe are not even sure exactly what a blog is. It does matter what the reason, now is as good a time as any to get that blog started. Making your blog the foundation of your social marketing strategy just makes sense. A while back I presented to the Central Florida eBay Sellers Group that is run by Melissa Paz. I'm sharing the slides with you to show you some compelling reasons to get that blog started. It sounds more intimidating than it really is and once you start you'll wonder what took you so long.

Feel free to shout out to me if you have any questions!

Click WordPressandeBay to view the presentation that is saved in PDF format so you can download and view anytime you like.

You Can Spend Less Time on Social Media and Accomplish More

You Can Spend Less Time on Social Media and Accomplish More

Streamline Your Social Media with Hootesuite

While you are working on your social marketing plan this summer, you might want to consider streamlining your efforts and saving some time, now and in the future. Hootesuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media. You will find that you actually accomplish more in less time. There is both a free and a pro plan. Depending on your needs there is no need to use more than the free plan, that is unless you want to manage more platforms all in one central location. For me, it's worth every penny to be able to manage all of my Twitter accounts, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, and Stumble Upon from one dashboard. You can now monitor your Instagram account, although it isn't possible to post yet, you are able to share your posts on your other platforms. Manage your twitter lists and special searches...the features are plenty with new features all the time. Track your efforts with easy reports. It's all here in one single dashboard. I recently did a mini-class on the basics of Hootesuite and am sharing that with you today. Simply click the link below "StreamlinewithHootesuite" to open the PDF. You can also print it or save it to your computer if you would like.


Promote Pictures For Better Visibility

Promote Pictures For Better Visibility

We all know we need to use social media to promote our listings. We all know that pictures speak much louder than words in a social setting. Promote Pictures is the latest image application approved by eBay that creates collages automatically of your listings ready for you to tweet immediately, add to queue to be tweeted automatically on a schedule you set, and now you can save your collages to tweet later. You have the ability to add a feedback of your choice and the number or feedback ratings you currently have or not. It's your choice! Get more clicks on your items when people can see up to 10 pictures at one time.

You can also use Promote Pictures to create a collage of your eBay collections, or your Pinterest boards, or a particular pinterest board, or even promote your blog with up to 10 pictures.

They can easily be shared from twitter to other platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, or even Instagram.

And one of the most important considerations when using any app is the service...The service at Promote Pictures is top of the line! You'll be so pleased if you find you need to seek assistance.

You want to know the cost I'm sure. Super affordable and worth every dime, that's my feeling. There is a 5-day free trial (no credit card required) and after the 5 days when you decide you're not sure how you lived without Promote Pictures, is as low as $50 a year or $5.00 a month. Pretty cheap for the quality and service! You can check it out by clicking this link:

At the very least give the 5-day free trial a go and see that it's not only easy, but effective in making your items, collections, or blogs more visible. When they are more visible, that means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales!