Change...It's certain and necessary. What was is no longer. It is simply the way of the ecommerce world. Instead of lagging behind, get a head start and be ready for the fourth quarter. This simple infographic is a simple view of what the new best practices are as outlined at the workshop eBay Open in July. The entire event is now available On Demand, so you can watch them all at your convenience. Not sure how to navigate through the Virtual Scene? Watch this quick video to find your way around. Navigating eBay Open On Demand.

These are recommended and are not mandatory but while your deciding whether to make the change or not, think about what your goal is. Are you happy to sit on your item for months or years or do you want to get it sold right away? Are you interested in mobile shoppers who now make up a large portion of sales on not just eBay but every ecommerce site? Do you want the best fourth quarter ever? My thought has always been that eBay is in a much better position to do the research than I am, they have the resources, employees, and know how...I don't. So why not take advantage of their work that is being done for the sellers (you and me) and optimize our listings for better search results which translates into more traffic which translates into more sales? It really is a no-brainer in my opinion. If you have the best listing possible your potential to sell more rises, but ultimately that choice is yours.

eBay Listing Best Practices