Buying and Selling Halloween Costumes For Babies & Kids

Buying and Selling Halloween Costumes For Babies & Kids

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holiday, next to Christmas that is. It's a holiday that everyone can enjoy and have fun with. If you are buying baby or kids costumes there are a few things you want to give some thought to before your purchase. If you are selling baby and kids costumes think about what parents are looking for to help you determine what to sell.

First and foremost is safety. It might be the more adorable costume you've ever seen, but does is it a practical fit for the age? With babies you don't have to worry so much about the safety, other than to be sure they can freely move with the costume on and that they are warm enough, but not too warm.

Safe Halloween Costumes for KidsNow with toddlers, the issue of mobility comes into play. Toddlers aren't always real steady on their feet so you want to be sure that they can move, walk, and run without tripping or being so weighted down with the costume that it is difficult to navigate the stairs. Make sure the masks don't make it impossible to see in all directions. Kids tend to run. The running can dislodge the mask and cause it to cover their eyes, nose, or mouth. That's when falling accidents happen. On the other hand babies may be trying to get that hat off their head and pulling on it can also cause it to cover their face.

No matter how cute the costume is and how adorable your little one will look in it, always remember safety first.

Here are some of the top listings for Baby and Kids Halloween Costumes...Lots of cute and fun ideas. Baby & Kids Halloween Costumes

Sellers pay attention to what you are selling. Is the costume safe? Fire retardant? Will it cause undue restriction or weight to the little one? Be sure that your listings contain all of the pertinent information for each costume. Not just the character, but the size, the shape of the mask or head wear. It is constraining or bulky and heavy. These are points that you want to be sure to disclose in your listing. While the southern states don't generally worry about it being too cold, but in the northern states it might be really cold. Be sure to note this in your listing. Answer questions promptly and professionally.

And most of all Sell, Sell, Sell! The time is now to move the Halloween and kick off your Q4 sales. Baby Peacock Halloween Costume

Fall Seller Update for eBay Sellers

Fall Seller Update for eBay Sellers

We are eBay!

This has been an exciting week to say the least with the Seller Summit in San Jose this past week to celebrate eBay's 20'th birthday! It was during this event that the Fall Seller Update was released. If you were lucky enough to attend in person, I am envious, and you did get to hear the details in person. I did get to watch the keynote speech by Devin Wenig live through streaming courtesy of eBay. Wow! is an understatement. One of the most thrilling moments (at least to an onlooker) was the surprise guest, Pierre Omidyar. If you're new to eBay and you don't know who that is. Pierre is the founder of eBay. His first sale was a broken laser pointer. You can view the Fireside chat with Pierre Omidyar and Devin Wenig here along with all of the other videos that are posted detailing some of the upcoming changes.

So what about the Fall Seller Update? In my opinion it's the best every in almost 12 years of selling on eBay. It is fair, management listened, and acted.

  1. Seller Defects are changing...effective in February 2016 sellers can't help but be pleased with this change, it's major.
  2. Seller Hub...eBay is providing an updated Seller Hub with more details, better inventory management, and even metrics. Tools to be more effective as a seller with a lot less effort, everything in one place.
  3. Streamlined return process...again making your job as a seller much easier and customized to your settings.

These are three BIG updates. There are some Category and Item Specific changes that you're going to want to be sure to check out to see if any are in your particular niche.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments or through Social Media. I will go into more detail about each update, but in the meantime take a look at the changes by viewing the 2015 Fall Seller Update.

Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

Don’t Be a Selfish Egghead! Twitter Tip

I'm combining a couple of Twitter tips today as these first few tips all really tie together the who and what of Twitter.

Are you a faceless egghead? People want to "see" who they are following. They are much more likely to pass you by if all they see is a faceless egghead. If you're not comfortable uploading a picture of yourself, that's fine instead you can upload your eBay or other selling platform logo. The logo will let people know that there is someone there. Personally if I don't recognize a name and see an egghead, I pass on by. I do want to know who I am following and who is following me.

Next you want to make good use of your bio description. It's a great idea to say a little bit about YOU and your business. Include a link to your eBay store or your Etsy Store. You want people to be able to check out your sales platforms, your feedback, and most of all you want them looking at your items.

Last for today is always remember to be social. Don't be selfish and make it all about you and your business. Share the love across the site with retweets of your followers. Favorite a post or three. Thank the tweeps who retweet your posts. Common courtesy prevails! In return you will find that your followers will retweet your posts more often, favorite your posts more often, and communicate via a Thank You!

I'll tweet you later with another Twitter Tip to help you help your business.