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Customer Service

Customer Service is Key!

  Customers Deserve the Best! I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about customer service lately and more specifically, returns. It’s a fact, returns are part of running a retail business and as such should be figured into your pricing. This is…
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Make sure your Wordpress Blog is secure

You’ve Got a Blog and You’re Wondering What’s Next!

You Installed your WordPress blog and that was pretty easy, right? Before you go too much farther, there is some back office work to take care of. You want to make sure that your site is safe…Safe from hackers and safe from…
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International Shipping

The Postage Increase 2016 Part 4

USPS Increases for International Shipping Rates Not only have rates gone up for Domestic shipments but a significant hike is seen for International Rates as well. These might be the largest hike this update. Re-Think Using GSP for International Shipments…
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Compare USPS Shipping Prices

USPS Postage Updates 2016 Part 3

Effective January 17, 2016 the new postage rates are in effect. eBay sellers hopefully you have started editing your listings and calculating what impact the new postage rates mean for you. If you use calculated shipping rates in your listings,…
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Postage Increases January 2016

Understanding the 2016 Postage Increase Part 2

Are you ready for the Postage Increase On January 17th eBay Sellers? In Part 1 I covered the first class postage changes. Moving right along, this post will cover the domestic Priority Changes that go into effect on Sunday. Thanks…
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Postage Increases 2016

Understanding the 2016 Postage Increase Part 1

Rate Increases Across the Board What does mean for an eBay Seller? It’s time again to adjust your listing shipping costs. If you offer free shipping you want to be sure to adjust your price to cover the new shipping…
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