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What’s All this Renewed Talk About Optimizing for Mobile?

You might have noticed some talk around the water cooler about adding a viewport meta tag that has to be added to your eBay listings. And you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. You’ve been listing for mobile optimization…
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Optimize Your eBay Listings

Are Your eBay Listings Optimized?

Change…It’s certain and necessary. What was is no longer. It is simply the way of the ecommerce world. Instead of lagging behind, get a head start and be ready for the fourth quarter. This simple infographic is a simple view…
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HTML What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

With some of the new changes on the eBay selling platform, there are many questions about html. It is typically not something that is needed when selling on eBay, but is always helpful to know at least the basics. These…
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Customer Service

Customer Service is Key!

  Customers Deserve the Best! I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about customer service lately and more specifically, returns. It’s a fact, returns are part of running a retail business and as such should be figured into your pricing. This is…
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Make sure your Wordpress Blog is secure

You’ve Got a Blog and You’re Wondering What’s Next!

You Installed your WordPress blog and that was pretty easy, right? Before you go too much farther, there is some back office work to take care of. You want to make sure that your site is safe…Safe from hackers and safe from…
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International Shipping

The Postage Increase 2016 Part 4

USPS Increases for International Shipping Rates Not only have rates gone up for Domestic shipments but a significant hike is seen for International Rates as well. These might be the largest hike this update. Re-Think Using GSP for International Shipments…
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